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As a sustainable fashion brand, we prioritize crafting quality, durable and versatile styles from premium natural fabrics. We create timeless styles with a modern edge, ensuring longevity in your wardrobe. However, we know that your preferences may change over time, so instead of discarding, we offer you the chance to trade-in your items through LOVED LUNAR. Join us in giving your beloved LUNAR pieces a new home, where they'll be well-cherished once again.

  • Overproduction is hurting the planet

    More than 100 billion garments are manufactured annually, a figure that has doubled compared to 15 years ago. (1)

  • Wearable clothing is being disposed of unnecessarily

    87% of apparel ends up in landfills or is incinerated, with 95% of it being potentially reusable or recyclable. (1)

  • Prolonging the lifespan of garments combats fashion waste

    Opting for secondhand clothing instead of new purchases reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 25%. (2)

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* (1) Ellen MacArthur Foundation [2024] (2) Green Story Inc [2023]

How it works:



Our LOVED LUNAR program promotes sustainability by facilitating resale of cherished garments, giving them a second life and reducing fashion waste.

When and where can I drop off my previously loved clothing?

You can get your previously LOVED LUNAR clothing to us in two ways:

  1. Drop off your items at our Johannesburg-based store located at 44 Stanley, Milpark, Johannesburg. We're open 7 days a week. Check our trading hours and more information here.
  2. Courier your items by filling out the submission form with your details. A flat rate of R100 will be charged for collection.

What are the clothing standards my items need to meet?

We deeply appreciate our community's support for this initiative. To ensure the quality of items for resale, please make sure garments meet the following criteria:

  • All garments must be freshly laundered.
  • Check the armpits for stains or marks.
  • Check the collar for any yellowing .
  • Check the garment for any piling, stains, marks or damage.
  • Any wash wear - faded colours.
  • If you have a pet please remove pet hair from garments.

What kind of clothing can I trade in?

We can only accept original LUNAR garments for the initiative. Please note that we cannot accommodate accessories, shoes, or items from other brands.

Where can I use the store voucher I receive from my traded in items?

Upon completion of the evaluation process outlined in the "how it works" section above, your exclusive store voucher will be electronically sent to you by our team via email. This voucher, valid for 6 months, can be utilized online or in-store and is non-transferrable.

How can I shop LOVED LUNAR pieces?

All LOVED LUNAR pieces will be exclusively available for purchase at our 44 Stanley Johannesburg store location for a limited time only. Find our location here and make sure to drop by to shop these unique garments.

Can I return purchased items from the LOVED LUNAR initiative?

As a result of the LOVED LUNAR program's nature, all sales of previously loved garments will be considered final.

Where does the clothing go if they are not sold?

Unsold garments from the LOVED LUNAR program will be donated to a charity in need. We believe this initiative will be beneficial and continue to uplift our community in need.

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Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility: The Loved Lunar clothing trade-in program accepts only LUNAR brand clothing in a condition that meets our standards for resale. LUNAR reserves the right to reject ineligible items.

2. Assessment and Evaluation: LUNAR retains the right to assess and evaluate submitted items and determine their resale price. Our decision on pricing is final.

3. Commission: Upon determining the resale price, LUNAR will deduct a 10% commission fee. The remaining amount will be issued to you as an electronic voucher via email.

4. Voucher Terms: The voucher issued in exchange for the item is a unique code to the individual and can only be redeemed in-store or online for clothing items. It is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and is non-transferable.

5. Our program is ongoing, feel free to drop off or courier your LOVED LUNAR items anytime!

6. Final Sale: All sales of LOVED LUNAR items are final. Due to the unique nature of each garment, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

7. Submission Methods: LOVED LUNAR submissions can be dropped off in-store at our 44 Stanley, Milpark, Johannesburg branch or couriered to us. A flat rate fee of R100 will be charged for courier services.

8. Non-Resellable Items: If an item is deemed non-resellable upon receipt, it will be returned to the original address at the customer's expense. The customer will be responsible for the incurred send-back cost.

9. Transit Liability: LUNAR is not liable for any damage that occurs during transit. Additionally, LUNAR cannot be held responsible for wear on items once they are purchased.

By participating in the LOVED LUNAR clothing trade-in program, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for further assistance.